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This years Line up For Stubenville San Diego!

2005 Speakers

Fr Stan Fortuna

Fr. Stan Fortuna, CFR, is one of the original members of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, a community established under the jurisdiction of John Cardinal O’Connor in the Archdiocese of New York. Fr. Stan spent many years serving the poor in the South Bronx, at the community's first house, St. Crispin Friary. Since 1997, Fr. Stan has been released of his responsibilities to be involved full-time in the preaching apostolate. An accomplished musician and composer, Fr. Stan has established a non-profit record company called Francesco Productions. All of the proceeds go directly to help the poor. In January 1999, Fr. Stan was asked to preach and perform at the youth rally in St. Louis during Pope John Paul’s visit. He is now serving full time using his gift of music as a powerful means to reach deep into the heart and soul of both the young and the old throughout the world. To go to Fr Stan's website, click on his picture.

Fr John Amsberry

Fr. John Amsberry graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 1986. He definitely believes that we do not celebrate the awesome love of God enough in our lives. Through retreats, conferences, and talks over the last 16 years he has shared the Good News of God’s unconditional love with thousands of people across the United States and Canada. He prays that we may all open our hearts to Jesus and let the miracles happen- just as they did some 2,000 years ago when Jesus walked our earth.

Mark Hart aka The Bible Geek

An award-winning producer and writer, Mark is known for his work both in front of and behind the camera. His videos and commercials have been seen internationally, as well as on television and at NFL games. An engaging speaker, Mark travels the country in his free time, doing workshops, retreats and training conferences for both teenagers and adults. He is probably best known under his penname 'Bible Geek', publishing bi-weekly scripture periodicals through Mark serves as a Board Member for several Catholic Diocesan and non-profit agencies, and just finished his third book. He holds a bachelor's in communications from the University of Notre Dame, with a triple emphasis in broadcast, film and media, holds three Advanced Certificates, and is currently working on his Master's degree. At present, Mark oversees LIFE Communications where he serves as the General Manager and Director of Operations for both LIFE TEEN Television/Film Studios and the LIFE TEEN Internet division, the home of Mark began in youth ministry in 1991, and presently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Caroline Gambale

Caroline Gambale is a 1993 graduate of Franciscan University and currently works as the Eastern Regional Director for Life Teen. She has been active in Youth Ministry for 12 years, including one year with the National Evangelization Teams. Caroline has spoken at regional and national events for youth as well as for youth ministers. She is a passionate speaker and has a great love for young people. She likes parachuting and playing guitar, but not at the same time.

Jesse Romero

Jesse Romero is a full-time bilingual Catholic Lay Evangelist and is nationally acclaimed for his upbeat Christ-centered presentations. A resident of California, the retired LA Deputy Sheriff and two-time U.S. kickboxing champion is a devoted husband and father. During his years as a Deputy Sheriff, Jesse experienced the dark side of society everyday; yet he saw evidence of God’s work in some of the most unexpected places. What made the difference? His faith in JESUS! Today, Jesse keeps the faith alive by speaking at parishes and Catholic events throughout the United States. He is a five-alarm wakeup call; the phrase “use it or lose it” takes on a whole new meaning in the hands of Jesse Romero.
Our Musicians & Entertainment

Scarecrow and Tinmen

Statement of Purpose: "We're out here doing this because of who Jesus is and what he's done for us. If we can help people eat, stay clothed and arm and find some hope amidst the tragedies life can bring, that's so much bigger than a band. The greatest hope we can have not only for Scarecrow & Tinmen but for those whose lives we touch, is that we will all be able to hear the words, 'Well done, my good and faithful servant." - Chris Padgett

Our Host

Bob Schrimpf

Bob Schrimpf is a graduate of Franciscan University, from San Diego, California. He is the founder and director of The Gathering Catholic Youth Ministries, which reaches out to hundreds of teens weekly. He has also been involved in the recruiting and training of future youth ministers, and serves as a full-time staff member with Young Life Youth Ministries. His sincere and heartfelt message, mixed with a great sense of humor, is well received among both youth and adults across the country. A former All-American water polo player, he has also coached and taught in a Catholic high school for fourteen years. His articles have appeared in Youth Worker Magazine, YOU! Magazine, The Franciscan and numerous other publications. A national speaker and workshop leader, he currently resides in San Diego with his wife Marta and their children.
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