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Greetins I'm New

Just wanted to introduce myself...i've actually been a member for awhile, but this is my first post...i'm still learning how to use live journal, and i'm starting to get the hang of it so i apologize if something weird happens :o)

Anyhoo...my name is Heidi...17/f/az...i'm a senior in high school...graduating in 19 days :D ... i go to a catholic high school and i love it very much. i'll be sad when it comes time to leave.

i'm a lector, a eucharistic minister,an usher, and sortof an altar server (just for my school) i love being involved in everything my youth group does at church...i'm going to world youth day in the summer...maybe i'll see some of you there? lol.

i enjoy eading catholic novels and fiction. my favorite book is Pierced by A Sword. i write catholic-based poetry/songs...although i can't carry a tune for the life of me...i've been writing since i was in the 8th grade and i really enjoy it...if any of u are interested most of my songs are posted here: http://home.catholicweb.com/webelieve ...i've kinda been in a rut though for the past 6-7 months...writer's block...

anyhoo...r there any other writers out there? in order to try and maybe break my writer's block, i created a community on here called catholicwriters for any others who write as well...poetry, stories , anything...just seemed like we need a place to bounce ideas off of each other, lol...

well...i just wanted to let people know i'm a newbie here :o)

Hope to talk to you all soon!

Always in Christ,
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