Jen <3 (angel128) wrote in rise_up_cr,
Jen <3

hey. i got a question in my first post and i thought i would put it here in case other people want to read it. WYD is World Youth Day. Young Adults from all over the WORLD. get together for a WEEK! hehe. i keep thinking it is gonna be like stubey though.i have to remember not to expect anything. i was taught from another retreat, JLR (which is a leadership building retreat), that i went on..."participate dont aniticipate" i can't NOT anticipate though it is soo long away. i m going with a bunch of people from the JLR and i m so excited because i haven't seen them in the longest time.

So this year's WYD is in Munich Germany. Before the experience begins, my youth organization will be going to Italy to see where St. Don bosco and St. dominic savio lived. these saints are special youth saints who did awesome work. i have three medallions that have one of both of them on it. i like having one of them on me at all times, it makes me feel almost protected. i know that is silly and what not, but i like it.

I would have no idea how one would organize a trip to WYD but i could get in contact with the organizor of my trip if anyone is interested. :)
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