Adrianne Masling (nekovixen) wrote in rise_up_cr,
Adrianne Masling

Awakening Retreat

Hey ladies and gents!

I just went to my first Awakening Retreat. They're retreats done for collage level students. It was so friggen SWEET!! I have been envolved with youth ministy for about 4 years now and I an tell you what. . I have never felt so loved at a retreat before in my life. It was awesome. Met some awesome people there and bonded with the ones I already knew.

So if you guys ever get a chance once you start collage to attend an Awakening Retreat do it!! It rawks, lol.

Speaking of which. . . the Steubenville South Office down here is pretty busy. . and our Diocese just got a new bishop and he'll be coming in January to take his position. So we'll see how that goes with our new bishop.
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