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i'm so excited! now, i dunno how to explain this, but have u ever gotten that feeling that there are people out there praying for you at this very moment? it's really a feeling that words can't describe and that's how i felt throughout all of mass tonight...it was absolutely amazing...i think my writer's block is gone!! *grins*
i mean, i always believed in the power of prayer, but i never felt such an extreme wave of it until tonight, and there honestly wasn't anything out of the ordinary going on at Mass tonight, but so many ideas for writing came flowing into my brain, it was so overhwleming! i know i never said anything in my introductory post about asking for prayers to end my writer's block, but thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over for any of you who prayed for me.
i'm sorry if i seem to be making a huge deal out of this, but it truly is to me. writing is a form of prayer for me. i used to spend hours in front of the blessed sacrament just writing ideas; at times entire songs, and i missed that. lately my conversations with christ seemed like they were issing something, as though i didn't know what to say, and with all the recent activity going on (the pope's death, the movement of my parish pastor, graduation, all the changes basically) i was starting to feel as though i was having trouble expressing my concerns, fears, and anxieties over the aforementioned things. am i making sense? lol, i tend to babble alot, so please don't hesitate to tell me i'm going not making any sense :o)
i'm not saying that i couldn't communicate with christ at all, but with poetry and song i feel more connected, u know?
So i dunno what ended my writer's block, but i do know that it has to have something to do with people praying for me...i don't know how, where, or even why, but thank you.
when we pray for one another miracles happen, and whether they be small or large, they have the power to change lives.
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