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Finally done!

Yep, i finally finished it :o) It's called WHEN WE PRAY (bb luv ev)
It's basically how i've felt the past few months not being able to get any of my thoughts down on paper the way i used to....and it's still rather difficult to get back into the swing of things...but, i finally finished the song...you can view it at my website: http://home.catholicweb.com/webelieve
It should be the first song listed :o)
On an even lighter note: i can't wait for world youth day! weehee!
we have bgeun gathering at thursday masses to start preparing our hearts nad minds for the trip...i'm getting so excited! oh, and i just found out that i have to lector and EM at our baccalaureate, so pray for me! :o)
such excitement!
anyhoo...that should be all for now...toodles! *waves*
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