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Rise Up
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Friday, December 3rd, 2004
5:21 pm
Steubenville: St. Louis/Mid-America 2004
I attended my first Steubenville conference this summer with my youth group. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever been to, and it really made me think a lot about my faith and what kind of person I am becoming. I'd be totally interested in talking to anyone about their experiences with the trip, or about anything at all really. And if it's okay, I'll probably post on here whenever I need advice/prayers about something. ♥

Jonesboro, AR

P.S. If anyone knows who the maintainer is, I'd also be interested in talking to them. Also, If anyone here is interested in or is currently attending FUS, I'd like to talk to them about it.

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Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
11:09 pm
Confirmation Saint?
For those of you Confirmed, who is the Saint you choose to be Confirmed as and why? And for those of you awaiting Confirmation who will you be confirmed under and Why?

I choose Joan of Arc.
It was either between her and St. Therese the Little Flower.
Both of my two best friends had each choosen one of the other so I was at a loose. I prayed about it and choose Joan of Arc. She was just such an awesome woman of God. So brave and powerful and kick arse man. I've been highly devoted to recieving her intercession of me in times I feel a battle drawing near (phsyical and spiritual) and in need of strength and faith.

I think however if I knew about Catherine of Bolgna I would've choosen her instead because she is one of the patron saints of artists and I am in school right now for Visual Arts and soon for Computer Animation. I pray with her often though along with St. Michael. Dude, the saints just rawk!
Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
10:17 pm
Awakening Retreat
Hey ladies and gents!

I just went to my first Awakening Retreat. They're retreats done for collage level students. It was so friggen SWEET!! I have been envolved with youth ministy for about 4 years now and I an tell you what. . I have never felt so loved at a retreat before in my life. It was awesome. Met some awesome people there and bonded with the ones I already knew.

So if you guys ever get a chance once you start collage to attend an Awakening Retreat do it!! It rawks, lol.

Speaking of which. . . the Steubenville South Office down here is pretty busy. . and our Diocese just got a new bishop and he'll be coming in January to take his position. So we'll see how that goes with our new bishop.
Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
10:05 pm
AMEN! YES!!!! I just found this community! I went to Stubenville east twice now...and OH MY GOSH was it AMAZING! I'm SO glad I found this place! God bless!
Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
11:52 pm
OOO Wow!
Sweet I found a Stuebie group! This is awesome!! I"m gonna have to read up on this more.
BTW I am a Steubenville South attender. ^^

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
5:04 pm
hey. i got a question in my first post and i thought i would put it here in case other people want to read it. WYD is World Youth Day. Young Adults from all over the WORLD. get together for a WEEK! hehe. i keep thinking it is gonna be like stubey though.i have to remember not to expect anything. i was taught from another retreat, JLR (which is a leadership building retreat), that i went on..."participate dont aniticipate" i can't NOT anticipate though it is soo long away. i m going with a bunch of people from the JLR and i m so excited because i haven't seen them in the longest time.

So this year's WYD is in Munich Germany. Before the experience begins, my youth organization will be going to Italy to see where St. Don bosco and St. dominic savio lived. these saints are special youth saints who did awesome work. i have three medallions that have one of both of them on it. i like having one of them on me at all times, it makes me feel almost protected. i know that is silly and what not, but i like it.

I would have no idea how one would organize a trip to WYD but i could get in contact with the organizor of my trip if anyone is interested. :)
Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
7:55 pm
hey i went on two of the stubenville retreats but not this last year. Our priest that usually takes us has a lot going on in his life. i just dont want this community to go under. stubey was one of the most amazing things in my life. the first time i went to stubenville, it was one month after my father had died. it meant so much for me to be there with so many teens that were crazy for christ. i meet some really great friends there. i miss them so much. i pray that my community youth group will have the chance to go again.

so excited i m going to WYD in Germany this year!
Saturday, September 18th, 2004
2:57 pm
Hey everyone...just wanted to let you all know that even though I'm a freshman in college now, I am seriously considering applying at Franciscan University to transfer there next year, but not sure yet. If you want to know more, read my journal. And if anyone has any advice or comments, they're welcome!
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
3:03 pm
Rise Up!
I can't believe there's actually a community for this summer's Steubenville High School Youth conferences! Very awesome. This was my third summer working at Franciscan University for the conferences. I'm going to be a senior this fall at FUS. I did lyric projection for the video crew all three summers. I really enjoyed working conferences. God bless ya all. RISE UP!


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Friday, August 20th, 2004
10:06 pm
umm who owns this community?
Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
1:29 pm
Hi everyone! My name's Jen. I'm so excited that I found this community. I technically didn't go to steubenville this past year, but I did go to Set Free and Just Live It, Steubenville East both times. I live like 20 minutes away from LaSalette, where it's held. I say I technically didn't go this past year, because I didn't attend the whole weekend, but my friend and I went to the closing mass of the first weekend. I can't imagine another summer without going, so I'll definitly be going next year. Look forward to hearing from you all...you can e-mail (jato822@yahoo.com) or im me (Flowerchick822) if you wish.
11:29 am
Wow! A Steubenville community! How awesome!!

My name's Beth and I'm from Connecticut. I attended my first Steubenville this summer... Steubenville East 1 in Massachusetts. I had already been on 4 Emmaus retreats, but Steubenville was a totally different and still really powerful experience. I "rested in the Spirit" or was "slain by the Spirit" as some people call it during adoration. I'd love to talk to others who know about those kind of experiences or can share their stories. I will definitely spread the word about this community to my other friends who attended.

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9:19 am
I'm so happy that I found this community! I was a Young Aposlte at Steubenville East 2 this year. It was the best experience of my life! I feel like I have grown so much in my faith and I'm not ashamed of being Catholic anymore! I'm proud to follow Christ! Well I just wanted to share God bless all of you! *In Him*

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5:37 am
My first time at Steubie
I am so excited to have found this community. let me tell you my story:

This a bit long so I will out it under a lj cut
Open you Heart and rise upCollapse )
4:47 am
Which Steubie did you go to?
please use my icon.

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